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Regulatory Resources

AideMemoire Aide-mémoire: Facilitating regulatory approval of multipurpose prevention technologies for reproductive health, end-of-project report and resources, 30 September 2013 Brady M. Population Council, New York, 2013.

Facilitating Regulatory Approval of Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Sexual and Reproductive Health
Brady M. New York: Population Council, 2011.

Day of Dialogue on Multipurpose Prevention Technologies: Toward Clarity in Nomenclature, 2 February 2011, Washington DC, Meeting Notes
Brady M, McGrory E. Population Council, New York, 2011.

What Regulatory Guidance Exists for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs)? A Review of Key Guidance Documents and Their Applicability to MPTs
Brady M, Park H, USAID, Population Council, New York, July 2011.

Nonclinical Development Needs and Regulatory Requirements for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies: A Primer
Romano J, Brady M, Manning J. Population Council, New York, 2012.

Lessons from reproductive health to inform multipurpose prevention technologies: Don’t reinvent the wheel
Brady M, Manning J. Antiviral Research 100(2013)S25-S31.

Insights and Evidence from product Introduction: Lessons for Microbicides
Brady M, McGrory E. USAID, Population Council, New York, 2007.


Regulatory Pathways for MPTs: Distilling and Clarifying the Process
Martha Brady (Population Council)
Presented at the Global Forum on Multipurpose Prevention Technologies
Wellcome Trust, London, 11-12 January 2012.

What Have We Learned From Other Reproductive Health Technologies?
Martha Brady (Population Council)
Presented at the International Symposium on Accelerating Research for MPTs
New Delhi, India, 11-12 December 2012.

Users' and Providers' Perspectives on MPTs: What do we know and What do we need to know?
Martha Brady (Population Council)
Presented at the International Symposium on Accelerating Research for MPTs
New Delhi, India, 11-12 December 2012.

A Critical Look Down the Critical Path to MPT Development
Martha Brady (Population Council)
Presented at MPT Product Development Workshop
CONRAD, Washington DC, 20-21 February 2013.

For additional MPT related resources, please visit our resource center.

NIAID launched this website to serve as a central resource for up-to-date clinical research regulatory information for multiple countries. Organized by country and topic area, the site allows users to compare the requirements of two countries side-by-side.

Global Health Regulatory Requirements Database
The Global Health Technologies Coalition designed this database to provide detailed information on country-level regulatory requirements.