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Probiotics: The Potential for a Live Microbicide

Satellite Symposium at Microbicides 2010
Pittsburgh May 22, 2010
David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Probiotics could revolutionize the field of female controlled HIV prevention. This new technology uses lactobacilli to produce antiviral compounds. Probiotic live microbicides have the potential to function as a long-term, self-replicating delivery system and combat reproductive tract infections.

The symposium invites scientists, regulators, biotech companies, the donor community and advocates for microbicides to inspire a lively discussion of how to act together to move this promising new field forward.

Full Symposium Report (PDF)

Dr. Renee Ridzon
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Welcome to ‘Probiotics – the Potential for a Live Microbicide’
Dr. Craig Cohen
University of California, San Francisco

Molecular Investigation in the Study of genital Microbiota: Implications for Probiotic Approaches
Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo
University of Washington

Bioengineered Lactobacilli as Next Generation Probiotics
Dr. Qiang Xu
Osel Inc. Santa Clara

Testing Proof of Principle in a Repeated Low Dose Challenge Model using a Live Lactobacillus Microbicide
Dr. Laurel Lagenaur
Osel Inc. & NIH

Probiotics – Update on Clinical Research
Dr. Anke Hemmerling
University of California, San Francisco

Clinical Application of Genetically Modified Lactococcus lactis
Dr. Lothar Steidler
ActoGeniX NV (Belgium)

Building Support for Probiotics
Dr. Bethany Young Holt
CAMI & University of California, Berkeley

Demand Creation for Probiotics – and Lessons from the Microbicide Field
Dr. Samukelisu Dube
PATH (South Africa)

Navigating Regulatory Requirements for Probiotic Microbicides
Dr. Craig Cohen
University of California, San Francisco

Closing Remarks
Dr. Jim Turpin
NIAID, National Institute of Health


CAMI is the secretariat of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT).

Probiotics, or live bacteria, are in development which show promise as an MPT  by preventing not only HIV but other reproductive tract infections as well, such as bacterial vaginosis.