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MPT Product Prioritization
Stakeholder Meeting

26 October 2012
Washington, DC, United States


The MPT Product Prioritization Stakeholder Meeting is the next, and very important step, in a sequence of global meetings designed to clarify objectives and lay a firm foundation for the strategic development of technologies intended to simultaneously protect women from unintended pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, also known as Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs).

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the recommendations generated by the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) Scientific Advisory Working Group (SAWG), which includes representatives from the major FP/RH and HIV prevention donors. The SAWG was tasked with, first, defining the general MPT Target Product Profile (TPP) for the field at large; second, proposing which potential MPT candidates should move forward over the next one to 10 years; and third, to identify significant gaps in the MPT pipeline that constitute constraints to advancing the prioritized candidates and, if possible, candidates in earlier pipeline stages. The SAWG employed a formal, highly disciplined process to fulfill those tasks.


The Scientific Agenda Working Group (SAWG) operates as part of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) and is dedicated to addressing scientific needs and issues of relevance for the development of MPT products. In May 2012, the SAWG, comprised primarily of donor organizational representatives, initiated an exercise designed to (1) assess the status of the MPT pipeline relative to the general Target Product Profile (TPP) developed for the IMPT in 2011, and (2) identify and prioritize MPT product and technology gaps. The overarching goal of this exercise was to develop, for use by donor organizations, an objective assessment of high-priority MPT drug-drug/drug-device product-related investments that would most benefit the field; prioritization of MPT vaccines will be carried out in a separate, but closely aligned, exercise. The three objectives of this SAWG exercise were to:

  1. Assemble a comprehensive listing of MPT products and component products and technologies
  2. Evaluate those products and technologies in relation to the available TPP data for MPT products and prioritize them for development investment, and
  3. Identify and prioritize gaps in the candidate product pipeline and prioritize those gaps for resolution.

The SAWG has completed a first-draft summary of the results of this exercise and is convening a meeting on October 26 in Washington, DC, to present their findings to a small group of experts for review and comment. The meeting goal is to have these preliminary results reviewed from three perspectives - (1) technical and regulatory prospects, (2) probable acceptability and uptake, and (3) potential for delivery and access, as follows:

  • Do the prioritized products and gaps represent MPT product types that are technically feasible and optimal with respect to attaining regulatory licensure?
  • Will the prioritized products and activities lead to MPT products that are acceptable to the target populations and have high uptake potential?
  • Can access and delivery of the prioritized MPT products be readily attained in those regions and populations with the greatest need for them?

The October 26 meeting will include non-aligned experts able to provide objective review and comment on the SAWG priority findings in these three areas. It will also include additional representatives from various funding organizations, and pharma and biotechnology organizations that function as donors through provision of candidate products or in-kind support to the MPT initiative.

After the completion of this objective review process, the SAWG intends to deliver to the donor community a finalized summary - the result of a robust sequence of research, analysis, and review -- of priority investments for advancing the MPT pipeline and addressing gaps in that pipeline. The final results will then be shared with potential MPT product sponsor and development organizations in order to align the priorities identified by this donor-supported SAWG exercise with the development activities and capabilities within those organizations. It is anticipated that this donor-sponsor discussion would occur in a follow-up meeting in early 2013.