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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Reproductive Health

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Barbara Jordan Conference Center
November 3-4, 2011
Washington, DC

Symposium Goal

Advance the science of multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) and translate the science into practical and accessible applications.

Symposium Background

The Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Reproductive Health 2011 Symposium brought together a diverse group of researchers, advocates, donors and clinicians from around the globe to address the urgent need for Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs)

Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) are a new category of user-friendly technologies and products that could enable women worldwide to protect themselves simultaneously against HIV, other sexually transmitted and reproductive tract infections, and/or unintended pregnancy, thus allowing women greater control and independence in their health choices.

The MPT Symposium will build on the success of an international symposium held in Berkeley, CA in March 2009 where 150 delegates from 11 countries gathered to discuss challenges and opportunities inherent in advancing prevention strategies for sexual and reproductive health. The Berkeley Symposium was generously supported by NIAID, USAID, and other sponsors.

From this 2009 symposium, the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) was created and has already started to demonstrate success by bringing together research groups into a field with a shared agenda.  The mission of the initiative is to unite researchers, developers, advocates, policy makers and donors around the need for multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) that will prevent unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), and/or other reproductive tract infections.  USAID provided initial funding to launch the IMPT and its core programs.